• Atlanta Access Control Systems

  • Access ControlBusinesses in the greater Atlanta area know the importance of making sure that the buildings their employees work in remain safe and that one of the best ways to achieve high-level commercial security is through access control systems. This form of protection utilizes an electronic lock to keep a specific point of access closed until an authorized person holds his or her card to the reader outside the door. Approximately five to 10 seconds after entering, the entrance will lock again.

    At American Alarm, we’ve been in the home and commercial security business since 1995, and we understand that now, more than ever, companies need to be safeguarded against solicitors and undesired visitors. In the past, many business owners thought that access control systems might have been only affordable for large enterprises, however, this is no longer the case.

    Any business looking to allow only authorized people into certain buildings may want to consider speaking with a representative from an access control company in Atlanta like American Alarm. We have years of experience working with and servicing enterprises large and small and can install service systems that allow access to anywhere from 20 to 70,000 card users and feature unlimited card readers and door locks.

    These days, it’s more important than ever to keep unwanted visitors out of certain buildings. Companies could benefit from access control systems as they provide protection for documents filled with crucial and confidential information and warehouses with potentially dangerous or expensive equipment.

    If you’re interested in commercial security systems for your Atlanta-area business, then don’t delay. Schedule an appointment with American Alarm today by calling (770) 645-0061 for a free estimate. A knowledgeable access control specialist will come to the location and give recommendations as well as new ideas. No business owner wants to have their company broken into. By installing an access control system with our help, you’ll ensure that your building, and your business’ future, isn’t compromised.