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  • basicsecuritykitAmerican Alarm will install a brand new free security system in Atlanta including: one control panel, one touch pad, three door contacts, one motion detector, one siren for FREE with monitoring only $29.95 per month or for only $80 down and only $19.95 per month.

    If you’ve been thinking about getting a home security system for a while, this offer will make it an easy decision. There has never been a better time to protect your family and belongings. System have never been more affordable nor have they ever had so many options.  You can literally have your alarm system text your or email you to let you know your teenager has disarmed the alarm from school and gotten home from school safely or even notify you by text or email that your teenager has opened a door or window that they are not supposed to. Camera system have never been more advanced or affordable. If nothing else, get piece of mind that your family and house are safe and that you did all you could to protect them.

    We will provide a security review and make recommendations and a quote by phone (no high pressure salesman) or we can visit your house for a more thorough review and then email a price to you (again no high pressure or obligation).  Call now.  (770)645-0061 or email at general@americanalarm.net


    Atlanta Security System and Monitoring Includes

    professional consultant

    Experienced Security System Professional

    A qualified, experienced, security professional offering recommendations or advise if requested to help the customer get the best security system and protection setup at the most reasonable price. We will never try to sell you security equipment or services you don’t need or want. Every American Alarm employee undergoes a thorough back ground check before starting to work for us. We only hire the most competent and professional employees. No high pressure sales tactics! No “up sales” from the technicians once they start the installation! No scare tactics! No Pressure!  Just the most professional and honest recommendations with the most competitive pricing. Call American Alarm now to hear what is fresh in the security industry and what could help you sleep better or have more peace of mind.


    Professional Security System Installation and Alarm Monitoring Setup

    Have an American Alarm highly qualified installer to install the residential security system or a commercial security system in the most professional way. You will be thoroughly pleased and satisfied with the job an American Alarm technician will do for you. After doing a “walkthrough” with you, the technician will install the alarm system and then go through a detailed tutorial on how to use your new system. With 24/7 tech support in case you have any questions on how to use the security system, you are never left “in the dark”. Help is just a phone call away.  Call (770)645-0061 or email us at general@americanalarm.net


    Home Alarm System from GE and 2GIG

    Central processing unit: you get the most user friendly and feature rich alarm system in the industry – made by 2Gig or GE depending on the application. We have found the 2Gig system to be the most preferred system in the industry. With a touch screen touch pad, voice notifications and chime for open doors or windows, weather alerts, interface with other home systems such as thermostats, lighting, and even unlocking and locking deadbolts on doors remotely or on site the 2 Gig system is alway a favorite. We find the GE Caddx system the best system for commercial uses.  Also feature rich and user friendly it offers important commercial features like a large easily accessible log for alarm history on who armed or disarmed the system, ease of changing codes for employees that were let go or quit, access control tied into the system for companies that need a door or two to be controlled but don’t want to pay for a full blown access control system.

    We can provide and install Honeywell or any other manufacture if requested. Caddx and 2Gig are the system we prefer but we do monitor and service thousands of Honeywell, DSC, and other security system manufacturers alarm system.

    atlanta alarm monitoring special

    High Tech Touchpad with Multiple Features

    The 2Gig touch pad is a touch screen and if easily navigated. It is very simple to use for security but can be used for so much more.  For instance, you can have the bad weather alert feature activated so the touch pad will beep and then voice announce when there is severe weather on the way. You can also use the touch pad to lock doors, turn lights on and off, control the garage door or thermostats, and more. 

    The Caddx Touch pad: the basic security system comes with a LED touch pad with one button arming, stay arming, one button chime toggle, police, medical, and fire panic buttons, duress code, and easy bypass of zone if needed. It is extremely user friendly compared to other manufacturers like Honeywell, DMP, and DSC.

    Motion detector

    Motion Detector

    Quality Motion detector: standard motion detectors are for more controlled and predictable environments like a house without pets.  These motion detectors are fairly sensitive and pick up a good range of 50 feet by 50 feet. Although a motion detector is the most common cause of false alarms, if installed in the correct application they are amazingly reliable and free of false alarms.

    Pet safe motion detectors are similar to the standard motion detectors but require a little more to trigger the motion into alarm.  These are used for households that have pets and are also very reliable.  

    Long range or dual tech motion detectors are used in rougher, less controlled, and more unpredictable environments like commercial warehouses or auto collision and mechanic garages. These motion detects use a variety of different technologies to balance each other against false alarms. The advancements and level of reliability in such harsh environments are really amazing.  These motion detectors can be a great money saver and offer the best option in security in many cases.

    alarm contacts

    Door and Window Contacts

    Door and window contacts: these will activate the alarm system when the door is open giving early warning of an intruder before he actually gains entry into the house. Many consider this the first line of defense and the most important in residential security. Because a contact will trigger the alarm before an intruder actually gains entry into the residence, contacts prevent more break ins and confrontation with intruders than any other device. In our opinion, door and window contacts are among the most important part of an alarm system.

    With the advances in technology in the last several years, many contacts are now wireless. This means that there does not have to be a wire from the contact door or window to the control panel.  So, if the house is not already wired we can still contact all of the doors and windows and offer the same level of protection. All of our wireless devices are “supervised”.  This means that they check in with the control panel every hour or so and if one doesn’t check in or has a week signal the control panel will alert you and the central station that the particular device has a “low battery” or is not working at all causing a “supervisory” condition. Once notified of this the homeowner can easily replace the battery or call American Alarm to have a technician come out and replace the battery for them.

    ademco alarm siren

    Interior or Exterior Alert Siren

    Interior siren to alert everyone in the house of a breach in the alarm system are an essential part of a security system. If an intruder attempts to gain entry into your residence the best thing that can happen is the alarm go off early before they get in the house and the intruder flees the site. To back up the siren, just in case the intruder is not in a sound state of mind and doesn’t flee, we have the central station monitoring to dispatch the police.

    Exterior sirens are a valued device mainly for commercial security systems. Because commercial buildings are ofter located away from residence where people could see or hear what is going on at the site, exterior sirens are great for attacking more attention to the location after the alarm has been triggered and until the police arrive. Again, the primary aim of American Alarm is to scare the intruder away before he does any damage. If we actually catch the intruder that is a plus but the best case scenario is that the police catch the intruder a block away fleeing the scene.

    alarm monitoring atlanta

    Yard Sign and Exterior Decals

    Yard signs and decals: Many studies have proven that burglars interviewed after being caught stated that they definitely targeted houses without security system signs or decals on the house. Their reasoning was suppressing logical, “if one house has an alarm and the one next door does not, go for the easier target.  Always take the easier mark or opportunity”.


    Yard signs and decals are the initial and best deterrent one can have to prevent an attempted break in.

    Central Station monitoring

    Central Station Alarm Monitoring – 24/7

    Alarm Monitoring: The most important part of the security system is you get 24 hour, 7 days a week alarm monitoring from a U.L. central station to quickly dispatch the proper authorities to help in your time of need.  Our central station’s response time the among the quickest in the industry. Being U.L rated means the central station is regulated by Underwriters Laboratory and has to meet their stringent requirements to keep the certification. 

    alarm system warranty

    Warranty and Support for your Security System

    American Alarm support and dedication: this includes a 1 year warranty on any security equipment we furnish, 24/7 tech support, phone troubleshooting if your not sure you need a tech to be dispatched. Less then 24 hour response for non-emergency service calls and on call techs 24/7 for emergency service calls.

    Web and Mobile Updates

    Access to timely twitter, facebook, and/or email updates on important security information relevant for you, your system and the local area