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    $195.00 IP CAMERA with activation of an alarm monitoring account for a limited time.  Call for details.

  • security system alarm monitoring Atlanta specialIf you live in the metro Atlanta area, take advantage of our

    security system alarm monitoring Atlanta special:

    American Alarm will activate your existing alarm for FREE. Professional monthly alarm monitoring will then cost only $18.95 per month.  American Alarm can use your existing equipment and simply reprogram it to our central station so we can then monitor it.  If you do not have a land line, American Alarm will install a cellular or wireless communicator to route the alarm signal to central station through a cell provider so we can monitor your alarm even without phone lines active at your home or business. You can have the cellular communicator installed at no charge and the cellular service fee is $15 per month or you can pay $155 for the cellular communicator and then the cell service cost will be only $10. Call now for the famous security system alarm monitoring Atlanta special. This is not to be confused with the security system monitoring Alpharetta Special. (770)645-0061 or email at general@americanalarm.net

    Atlanta Security Systems Include:

    atlanta alarm monitoring special

    Central Station Alarm Monitoring

    Monitored 24/7 by a U.L. certified central station in Georgia with the fastest response times in the business.  U.L. certified means that the central station can monitor banks or jewelry stores so it is more than secure enough for any house.  Some of the requirements that have to be met to be U.L. certified are that there has to be multiple operators in the central station twenty four hours per day every day. All systems including power, phone lines, and computer software have to have back ups. The entire central station has to have another back-up location where all signals can be re-routed to in case of a natural or other disaster.  

    Let American Alarm monitor your alarm system so you can enjoy the good things in life.


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    Technical Security System Support 24/7 On Demand

    American Alarm does a thorough professional back ground check on each and every employee before he or she begins working for the company. We hire only the most professional, honest, and capable employees.  After twenty years of hiring and managing employees, American Alarm has retained a fantastic team of professionals to handle all ranges of security and low voltage needs.  Our employees are always eager to assist and satisfy any question or problem our customers may have regarding their security or low voltage needs.  A technician is always on call to provide technical support and troubleshooting by phone or on site 24 hours a day/7 days a week including holidays and weekends. Guaranteed availability of Technician at customer location in less then 24 hours for non-emergency service calls

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    Standard Home Security Signage

    Yard signs and decals are offered and available to all American Alarm customers.  Studies have documented time and time again that a house displaying a security company yard sign and decals is less likely to be targeted than a  house  not displaying them.  On numerous interviews with convicted burglars the burglar stated that if they saw a yard sign or decal they would not target that house.  If one house has a yard sign and the house next store doesn’t not, they would almost alway take the path of least resistance.

    Free yard signs and decals – (Still one of the best deterrents you can have!)

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    Advances in Security System Equipment Available

    The electronic security industry has experienced many advances in the last couple of years.  These days security systems are able to be integrated with many other functions and features of any house.  Customers are able to unlock doors, adjust thermostats, turn lights on and view cameras all through their alarm system.

    The most used advance has been the use of interactive cellular communicators.  This allows home and business owners to receive notification via email or text upon any activity with the alarm system.  Customers receive a text or email when the alarm is armed, disarmed, triggered into alarm or even if a certain door is opened or certain room is entered.  Customers can also arm, disarm, or check the status of the alarm system with their smart phone, tablet, or computer.  Parents with a teenager that gets home from school before the parents get home from work really like this feature.  They can rest assured and relax once they receive the text or email that their child has gotten home safely.  This feature really is helpful when a family is going on vacation and isn’t sure if anyone armed the alarm.  A family member can simply go on the app from a smart phone and check the status of the security system. If it is not armed, he or she can simply arm it while riding down the highway. 

    Having the security system integrated with the deadbolt is also a convenient feature.  Many businesses or households have us put a deadbolt on the front door that is unlocked by a code.  When the correct code is entered the deadbolt is unlocked and the alarm system is also disarmed. The customer doesn’t even have to enter the code on the alarm system.  

    Thermostates and lights can also be integrated into the security alarm so the customer can go to the same app and adjust the thermostat or turn a light on from anywhere where he or she has internet access.

    Perhaps cameras have had the largest advances in the last couple of years.  Now with internet protocol (IP) cameras being affordable customers can remotely view cameras at their house on their cell phone, tablet, or computer.  The image with the IP camera are much clear and more vivant picture. One difference between the IP camera American Alarm offers and the camera systems offered by most other companies is that the camera system American Alarm installs has a recorder that records full time several days up to months depending on the hard drive and the other camera systems either don’t record or only record 10 second snippets. The cameras you see advertised are really only for live viewing with not much if any affect for reviewing.

    Atlanta Alarm Monitoring control panel

    Low Security Service Pricing

    Pricing in the security industry can be complicated and misleading.  Many competitors advertise a free alarm system and others offer a low monthly rate.  

    First and foremost be aware of the national  companies that offer free or $99 installation.  Some of them make the majority of their profit by upselling customers on more equipment for a higher price once the technician gets to the job site.    Ex employees with some of these companies have even stated that the technicians are required to “upsell” a minimum dollar amount each job to remain an employee of these companies.  Beware of these practices, if you buy a security system for a low price and the technician starts trying to sell you thousands of dollars in additional equipment this may be their standard business practice.  Homeowners would be advised to ask the technician to leave and not deal with a company with that business practice.

    When pricing a security system companies either have to charge a fair “higher” price for the installation and less per month or lesser price for the installation and more per month with a longer contract. As long as you realize this you will be able to shop effectively for a home security system. This is fair and reasonable.  

    Another thing to watch for is for companies that are able to hide the cost of the monitoring by bundling the monthly fee with other features.  It always looks like a good deal and usually is at first. What happens is the overall monthly fee increased rapidly over the next year or even sooner sometime.  It may or may not be listed as the alarm system but the overall package or bundle goes increases.   

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