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    American Alarm has been a leader in the home security systems Atlanta metro area as well as Alpharetta, Marietta, Smyrna, Cumming, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Kennesaw, Acworth, Snellville, Gainesville, Woodstock, and Decatur since 1995. We specialize in security system or burglar alarm monitoring for homes and business.  While monitoring alarm systems is our main focus it is important to us to provide the best possible service and installation for the security systems we monitor.  We can and do service multi-million dollar homes all way down to small one bedroom condos and townhouses.  We can offer the  most sophisticated home automation system tied into the security system to the most basic alarms system.

    More than half of the alarms being installed these days are communicating through a cellular communicator. Aside from being the most secure way to transmit alarm signals because it will still transmit if the phone and or internet cable signal is interrupted,  it also allows the homeowner to take advantage of the home control options expressed below.

    More and more of the security systems we install are complemented by an IP camera system as well.  Internet protocol (IP) camera systems have really become affordable in the last year or so.  These cameras have a much better picture than the old analog cameras that some companies are still using. They also offer superior remote viewing capabilities. Unlike most other security, cable, and phone companies our home IP camera systems do not require a monthly payment.   In addition, unlike the cameras you see advertised on TV our home camera systems record full time from several days to months depending on the size of the hard drive in the recorder. The cameras advertised either don’t record at all or just record 10 second feeds at a time.  

    The features below are features that require a cellular communicator to execute the functions.

    One feature many homeowners are taking advantage of now is the ability the alarms have to tie other home functions into the alarm system.  For example, we can set system up so it will text or email you notifications when the alarm is armed, disarmed, or tripped.  We can even have the alarm notify you when a specific door is opened.  With this feature, the homeowner can also arm and disarm the security system with their smart phone, tablet, or computer. This feature is really appreciated by parents that have teenagers that come home before the parents are off work.  The parents receive a text or email that their child has disarmed the alarm system. It is also useful when the family is leaving for vacation and isn’t sure if they armed the alarm or not.  One of the parents can simply text status or go on the app and see if the alarm is armed.  If not, he or she simply arms the system from their smart phone while driving down the highway.

    Another feature is the ability to have the system unlock or lock a deadbolt on a door or turn a light on or off or adjust a thermostat on a command from the homeowner’s smart phone from anywhere internet service is available.  For instance, many customers have the system set up so they enter a code on the front door of their office or house which unlocks the deadbolt and simultaneously disarms the alarm.  So, the customer never even has to enter the code on the touch pad.  The deadbolt disarms the alarm remotely when a code is entered to unlock the deadbolt.

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