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    28 Nov 2012

    Why Businesses Need Atlanta Access Control Systems When it comes to keeping your business and your employee’s safe, a reliable and trustworthy security system should be the first thing to enters your mind. While a standard alarm system is effective as an all-round solution, savvy business owners in Atlanta are looking to an access control systems from American Alarm [...]

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    Young Girl Injured During Suspected Attempted Robbery in Atlanta Neighborhood

    The man who lived in the apartment where the young victim was injured told law enforcement officials that he was walking toward his place on Amal Drive when a male in a mask with a shotgun came up to him on the street.

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    Are You Familiar with These Tips on How to Keep your Family and House Safe?

    If you come home and feel that something is not right or your property may have been burglarized, do not go inside.

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    Did You Know That a Break-in Occurs Every 14.6 Seconds in the U.S.?

    As a result of a break-in, a family's peace of mind is taken away from them, as are many of their valuables and most prized possessions.

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