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  • American Alarm is one of the cutting edge security companies in the Atlanta area. In business since 1995, we have seen remarkable growth and been able to stay up on the latest technological advancements. Most importantly, we have been able to keep our customer base safe and satisfied. As a leader in home security systems in Atlanta, the majority of our business is retained by referrals from other customers.  Also, American Alarm has been able to retain the most dedicated, competent, and professional staff available in metro Atlanta.  Fire alarm systems have become an area of expertise for American Alarm. We offer the most thorough and effective service at an affordable fire alarm price.  IP cameras systems have also become a specialty for American Alarm.  IP or internet protocol cameras have really become affordable in the last year or so and American Alarm has been ahead of the curve in offering IP cameras at an affordable price.  Let American Alarm increase your companies security and productivity with an access control system.

    American Alarm was started by the current owner Scott Gilkey in 1995. Scott Gilkey has over 20 years in the electronic security industry. Shortly after graduating from Berry College, Scott went to work for one of the largest residential alarm companies in the industry, Rollins Protective Services, Inc. Rollins had an extensive security design and sales training program that proved to be a great asset for anyone starting in the security industry.After a couple years at Rollins, Scott felt he should become as knowledgeable on the installation and service side of the business. He went to work for one of the most cutting edge, high end commercial companies, Sonitrol of Montgomery. This gave Scott great perspective on all types of security needs. Sonitrol of Montgomery did the electronic security for establishments from banks and jewelry stores to government complexes. This experience also gave Scott the ability to come up with the most effective and efficient systems for any application. After several years at Sonitrol of Montgomery, Scott wanted to come back to his home town of Atlanta and felt he had the knowledge and dedication to start his own alarm company with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.Now, over fifteen years later, Scott is still continuously learning more about all areas of the electronic security and still has the dedication and desire to provide security one customer at a time. See my profile on Google+.