• Image of Atlanta Deli Burglar Caught on Video Security Cameras

  • Atlanta police are still looking for the armed robbery suspect who burglarized a deli and shot two employees during the incident. According to news sources, the man entered American Deli, which is located on Cascade Avenue, around 3 p.m. on Thursday, November 29. He waited in line behind other customers before approaching the employee handling the register and telling him to hand over the money in the till.

    After pulling out a handgun, the suspect allegedly said he told the store clerk to put his hands up. Once he was handed the money, the armed robber began stuffing it into a bag and then unloaded his firearm, shooting and wounding three employees.

    Santana Tanner was hit in the stomach and Jose Arreola was struck in his left arm. After firing his gun, he fled the scene afoot. CBS Atlanta stated that the victims are expected to make a full recovery but are “obviously shaken up.” Authorities are still wondering why the burglar shot the victims since he was given the money without a struggle.

    Even though the suspect has not been apprehended by law enforcement officials, an image detailing his appearance was captured in by the deli’s video security system. He is described as African American and was wearing blue jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.

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