• Victim in DeKalb Shooting Identified

  • One of the most frightening scenarios any homeowner can face is to encounter armed burglars, and as the leading Atlanta security monitoring company, we hear about home invasion stories far too often that end with injuries or fatalities.

    DeKalb County police have released the name of a 68-year-old man who was shot upon entering his home the 1500 block of Columbia Drive on Sunday. The victim, Paul Taylor, who ran a business from his residence refurbishing and selling used automobiles, had apparently walked in on a burglary when he returned.

    Authorities said the incident took place around 11:45 a.m. When they arrived, they found a rifle on the driveway, and the shooter had fled.

    Taylor was well-known around his neighborhood because of the many cars that were parked in front of his house. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a local newspaper, reported there were nearly a dozen vehicles in his yard at the time of the shooting.

    CBS Atlanta, a local affiliate, spoke with Jasmine Jones, a friend of Taylor’s who said she had always known him as “Pops” and looked up to him as a father figure.

    “I never knew my father,” Jones said. “But he came along and he raised me. Then I had a son and he’s always been there for my son.”

    DeKalb County police are still investigating the shooting. Anyone with information about the incident should contact the DeKalb County Police Department at (678) 937-2852.

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