• Rash of Burglaries Spurs Alarm System Investments in Pennsylvania Town

  • Since the start of October, Pennsylvania news outlets indicate that more than 250 burglaries have taken place in Millcreek Township, a small town of roughly 50,000 residents in Erie County.

    While this number may not seem like much, especially to those who live in busy cities like Atlanta, YourErie.com, a local news source, indicates this is roughly the amount of reported cases that the township sees annually.

    As a result of the increase in home break-ins, local security system and alarm companies have been reporting increased business from concerned homeowners. Local alarm company owners told the news source that while the recent burglaries may have played a part in increased sales, the holiday season and economic uncertainty have also been major factors as well.

    Still, the increase in sales showcases an unfortunate truth. Many homeowners simply aren’t proactive about purchasing and installing professional alarm systems in their homes, choosing instead to wait until dire situations. And while it is certainly great that so many homeowners have been spurred to action in this Pennsylvania town after these events, the fact remains, more than 250 families have likely lost their valuables by not sufficiently protecting their residence.

    At American Alarm, we’d like to encourage Atlanta-area homeowners who haven’t looked into in this type of technology to consider taking action this year. By making an investment in residential alarm systems that have a host of benefits, including free monitoring and mobile and social updates, homeowners can have peace of mind.

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