• Atlanta Residents Concerned About Crime Rates

  • Atlanta is one of the most dynamic in the country, but it does have a reputation for having a higher crime rate than the national average. This fact has many concerned about the effect this perception can have on local businesses and tourism, as well as families looking for the safest environment possible to raise children and lead healthy lives.

    MyFoxAtlanta, a local affiliate, reported recently on town meetings where citizens expressed their anger at the higher crime rates in Atlanta and the perception that Atlanta is a dangerous city. On May 22, at a gathering of residents of south Atlanta, several attendees bemoaned the fact that their neighborhood had such a reputation.

    “This neighborhood has its challenges,” Michael Langford, the president of the United Youth Adult Conference, told the source. “But we are working. It is a safe neighborhood. Not as safe as it will be. Not as safe as it can be.”

    At a similar meeting of East Atlanta citizens, attendees called for stricter enforcement, better policing and more of an emphasis on public safety. The East Atlanta Community Association, a civic group that will work to advance these goals, calls their mission, “take back our streets and light up the night.”

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